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Q- Why is there a long wait for one item?

A- We personalise everything to order and have a large catalogue of products.  This means all items have to be ordered in and then personalised, even for badges.  Some items, such as badges are only made as blanks when you place an order and are then shipped to us from Wales to be personalised in house.  Clothing is ordered from a wholesaler for us to decorate when you order.   We try to make and post every order as fast as we are able to and some orders will be out much faster than the advertised wait.  We are also a small family run business and work as quickly and efficiently through our orders as possible.  

Q- How will I know when my order is posted?

A- We update the order to "shipped" and you will receive an email.  for large orders you will also receive a DPD notification. 

Q- I have an order I need rushing through urgently, can you do this for me?

A- It is possible in some cases however we charge a rush fee for this.  Please contact us via telephone or email before placing a rush order.  As a guide our rush fee covers to cost of one off postage from our wholesaler to us, onard postage if required and then the additional cost to us of moving other orders, or working over our usual hours to fulfil this at short notice.  

Q-Can you tell me the date my order will dispatch?

A- Our wait starts from receipt of payment.  Your order will dispatch within the current wait time advertised after that.  We are unable to advise a specific date.  On personalised orders with a design proof, we also base this on a reasonable turn around of design proof approval.  

Q- Can I tell you a date I need the order for?

A-Yes please do.  As long as it is within or outside of our wait times we are happy to work to this.   We recommend giving a date before your event however as this will allow you a little bit of breathing space! 

Q- I'm waiting for my order and its within the wait time still, can you give me an update?

A- Due to the variety of orders we take its almost impossible to advise an exact delivery date.  Even though your order may be a small one we try to fulfill orders chronologically where possible.  We are unable to update further than this as each order is different and there is no average amount of time it takes to fulfil each order! 

Q I've not got my order but payment has been taken

A- Payment is taken at point of order (or sent via cheque or bank transfer) for all orders, unless specially arranged and agreed.  We do not add any orders to our wait list until payment is taken.  

Q- When Will I get my proof? 

A Your proof will be emailed within the advertised time frame.  With a huge variety of orders that come in we are unable to specify an exact time to you getting this.  Please note you will only get a proof for custom designs, unless otherwise requested.  

Q- My order has gone outside of the wait and it's not arrived!  Help?

A-Occasionally there are unforeseen circumstances which may delay an order.  We try our best to get every order out on time. But if you are worried please get in touch, sometimes things don't work as well as we hope!   If we know there is to be a delay in your order we will do our best to contact you to make you aware and offer alternatives.   If you are worried about this please, please get in touch with us!  We don't like orders going missing or being late and try our best to solve as fast as possible.  

Q- I didn't realise the wait time, can I get a refund?

A- We strive to ensure our wait times are transparent and have a link to them on most listings, along with our information bar.  We are a personalisation business and therefore on any item that is personalised to order we are unable to offer a full refund, we can sometimes offer a restocking fee of 25%.  Please get in touch with us ASAP if this is the case as the sooner we are aware the easier it is to resolve.  

Can I contact you about my order?

You are welcome to contact us about your order if you have any concerns outside of the above.  We love to hear from our customers however please be aware that as per these Q&A's we are limited to what other info we can give and are likely to be able to give little more than the above answers.  Answering numerous queries also slows us down and means that orders can become more delayed.  However if your query is outside of these questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.    

Finally, if we have pointed you here after a query about our wait times either from our website, faceebook or email we have taken the decision to point people to this page as this is a regular query we get, and think its easier to lay this out as an FAQ page rather than sending the same message to lots of people! 

 We want to be as transparent as possible with regard to our wait times, and the information around that, if you have any other questions around this please let us know and we will do our very best to help.