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Logo design

We are very happy to work with you to organise your group, team or club logo.  We can start with a line drawing and work with you to create your design.  With that said we are not specialist logo designers and would always recommend if you are looking for a very specific brand or series of logos that you contact a graphic designer, we are very happy to advise your designer on the set up of the design needed for your specific products.  


What options are there for logo designs?

We currently offer four types of decoration depending on the product; single or full colour HTV print, embroidery, white toner printing or sublimation.  Each of these decoration methods has its own strengths and weaknesses and we are always happy to advise if we think something won't work in your chosen method.  

Can you design our logo?

We are happy to assist but we are not graphic designers.  If you have something really specific we would suggest talking to a designer first, but we are happy to work with you and an initial idea to create your logo.  We can also work with a design you already have and advise of what would need to be done to make it useable for us.  As a rule this is the process we follow:

1- Your idea or drawing is taken and made into a digital design, as close to your design as possible.  We can use hand drawings, or quick mock ups, as pdf's and work from those to create something useable.  For printed or sublimated images this is the end of the design process.  For embroidered designs we ask that you check the design at this point.  Its far easier for a digital design to be reworked than a stitched design

2- If your design is being made into embroidery we will then make the stitch data.  From this point we will send a final design to check colours, look etc. 

Do you have any images you can use?

We do have some images, some youth group logos, and some very generic images, in various formats.  

We are designing a logo, what are your constraints?

This varies product to product as each item will have a different set up requirement.  If you need to discuss specifics please feel free to get in touch with us.  

Printed items  (badges, printed clothing) will need a digital design- these are a Hi-res image set up to print, or for us to take an embroidery design from.  We cannot work from images on Publisher or Word- usually these don't send very well and are not in the correct format for us to work with.  For no set up fees to be charged we usually require a digital image in one of these ways:

1- For clothing, bags- as a vector image, with a hairline cut line and 2mm bleed. Usually this comes as an .eps file  It will mean the file can be made larger or smaller with no quality issues and we can print and cut it with very limited setting up. 

2- For coasters, metal items, place mats, keyrings and badges- A high quality image, .JPEG .PNG are both fine to use, as are vector images.

We can assist you with turning your hand drawn image, or mock up into a digital image- our set up cost for this is from £10 

Embroidered designs:  It would be unusual for you to have the files for this, and we usually work from a digital image to create your embroidery design.  Our set up for this is from £10 depending on the image we have to work from.  As a rule we suggest keeping embroidered logos to 6 colours to avoid a surcharge, we are happy to chat through this with you.

Our set up costs are kept as low as possible to make our service accessible for as many small groups as we can.  We keep your design on file but do not send the final hi-resolution designs.  We can arrange to do this for an additional fee per design.