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Custom Printed Circle 8cm badge

Custom Printed Circle 8cm badge
Custom Printed Circle 8cm badge
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This is by far our most popular badge option, this listing is for you to upload a completed badge design that you have created, or to upload a photo/drawing or concept for us to create you.  If you are looking to find our a little more about our custom print badges, read on:


Yes, we print badges! We love these badges for a few reasons.  The biggest one is that we can print any number of bright and beautiful customised badges, starting from just 1 item!.  This means that if you want to create a one off for an occasion, or small event you don’t need to order loads of extras either!  We also have loads of pre set designs you can customise to order too! We have lots of shapes and edge colour options, and can also create custom shapes for large orders too.  

Unlike a standard large badge order we print onto a ready set up base.  The great thing about this is that we can make very small numbers of badges (We can also make  very large ones too!) our badges are washable and easy to sew on with no colour limits, we can even print phots!  The constraints to this are that we have to print with a bleed over the edge.  This means that they work best with light background to light overlock, or with a dark background to use a dark overlock! (we have a couple of work arounds if you are really set on a light edge with dark back)


We have a couple of options here.  We can either work with you to create a custom design, or you can select one of our pre set designs from our website and customise it.  If you need to chat through a customisation feel free to pop us a message, or give us a ring.

  • CUSTOM DESIGN -We have all of our custom shaped badges on our website ready for you to personalise.  You are also very welcome to contact us for a quote with your design, or to check if the design works


Send us your design ready to print!  The best way to do this is as a vector, or hi res .png.  You need to make sure you leave a bleed on the edge of the badge, and that the badge is in the correct shape- for example, that the circle is even and any curved text follows the outline of the badge set inside enough to allow us a 4mm bleed and then space inside the badge.  A word file or publisher file will not work for a badge.  


Send us your drawing and we will make it into a badge.  The design can be a hand drawing, or something on a PC.  There is a £10 set up fee for a standard badge design on this option.  If the badge is very complex the set up fee will increase.  The set up cost is the same for any number of badges with the same design.  


Have a design or theme in mind but you’ve not designed anything yet?  Tell us the idea and we can make it a reality There may be a £10 set up fee for a standard badge design on this option, and will use our stock images.  The set up cost eill only apply for very complex design work. 


We can add your photos and drawings to badges.  We have a few guidelines for this- We cannot change in any way a hand drawn design- we cant take out hand drawn texts or logos and replace them with graphics.  We can't move text or make the background in full colour.  We suggest using a template for your design and asking your young people to draw well within the bleed line of 4mm so that we can easily get all text and details onto the badge.  We also recommend using bold colours, rubbing out any pencil marks, and ensuring the text can be seen.

For photos we recommend having a think about how it will look if it was cut into a circle, rectangle or square.  We can't add in background or change the photo.  If your details are to the edge of the image they will get cut off! 


We also offer embroidered badges too.  We have a minimum of one item and smaller numbers are made with a satin stitched not merrow edge.  There is a set up cost of £10 for an embroidered badge design.   Embroidered badges in small numbers are more expensive than printed badges, as they take more work to create.  


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