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Printed Circle 8cm badge

Printed Circle 8cm badge
Printed Circle 8cm badge
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We can offer sublimation printed badges, onto our ready made badges, in three different shapes.  The image printed on these will be as given to us, with the option to add text.  We cannot do any graphic design work for these.  All prints will be onto white badges.  

Printed badges:

These are a fabulous choice if you are looking for a lower cost small amount of badges.  We buy in blank badges as circles or rectangles, these badges all have a base colour of plain white, circles come with a choice of white, red or blue overlocked edging.

Circles are either 8 or 10cm and rectangles 9 by 4cm, we also have a white edged 5cm circle option newly available too!  We then print your design directly to the badge creating a vibrant design, with no colour limit for a low cost.  The drawback of this method is that the overlocked edge would usually be added afterwards rather than before, which means that the design can print onto the overlocked area.  Our suggestions for this is to either use a dark colour overlock or a white overlock, as this way you will be less likely to see any overprint, or with white any underprint.

We can also supply printed badges in custom made sizes/shapes and edging, however this would only apply for large orders and price would vary on this.  

These printed badges have a variety of graphic requirements, we print your image exactly as it is provided, and do not do any touch up, graphic design work or changing of the image without charging to do this (this cost of this is from £10) We are always happy to work with you to provide something from our stock images- which we would not charge for, or to set up your design if you are unable to create a design. 

A graphic provided to us would need to be:

- A high resolution image, so that when it is printed it doesnt look blurry. 

- In a graphic format- .PNG, .JPEG, .EPS etc  we dont mind which as long as its hi-res!

-Not a word/publisher document- these usually rearrange themselves and are not suitable graphic images.  

The pricing for these badges is:

1-10 Items £2.50 each.

10-50 £1.75 each

51-100-£1.65 each

5cm badges are £1.50 each

The wait for these is our standard wait of 4-6 week. 

No photo description available.No photo description available.

Can you design my badge?

We can certainly help to design your badge however we are not a graphic design company, and always recommended if you have really specific requirements you contact a graphic designer.  We are always happy to see if we can work with what you have, if you let us know your design requirements and will let you know if we think its beyond our capabilities!

Our design costs start from £10 depending on the images we need to use and the time it will take to set this up.  For an embroidered badge to go from a hand drawn image to an embroidered design we would expect a design fee of £20 (unless it contains stock images that we already hold in the correct format)  A printed badge this would likely be £10, however this will also depend on the complexity of the image.  We are happy to quote for this if you can send us what you are working with and your requirements!

Can I send you a fully made design?

For printed badges yes, we are more than happy for you to send a complete design,  using the requirements as above.  We would not expect you to have the correct files set up for an embroidered badge, but if you do and the file works we are happy to use these too!  


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