Christmas 2020

We're updating our Christmas info! Anyone got any constructive feedback on the following, or anything else you would need to know! We're trying to be as clear as possible... and awesome news- Our wait had dropped! We have two orders over 8 weeks waiting to go and then the rest are clear within 6! With this in mind, if you are missing something please PM or email me so I can sort it out! Info below!
As we all know Christmas 2020 is going to be a little different. We're aiming to be as transparent as possible with regard to wait times and what we can offer over the Christmas period- please read on for more info!
As of today (21/10) we are working at well under our 6-8 week summer wait, at around 3-6 weeks! We appreciate thats a long difference in times- here is why!
Firstly, our badges are all made to order with both blanks and then prints made by hand! We try and hold a stock of them, but a couple of orders of 30 or 50 in a day will deplete our stock! We try and predict stock levels but this isnt always as easy as it may seem!
We are only able to place limited orders with our wholesalers when minimums allow. As you can imagine, with less camps, and events happening- the rate at which we usually place orders is slightly reduced- this could get faster over the christmas period!
Finally, the amount of orders we have in can change our waiting times rapidly, one or two days worth of orders can make a huge change! We will be attempting to be reactive over this period and give updates to timescales weekly!
We are also being made aware- from every avenue we order and send from, that due to the current restrictions post coming into the Christmas period is likely to be busy and restricted- DPD are already advising of reduced service, The Post Office are suggesting there will be delays- as are many of our wholesalers!
With all of the above in mind, we are urging potential customers to order as early as possible to avoid the rush and potential for more post office losses, delayed parcels etc (sounds familiar!) If you need anything please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Camp blankets! We cannot gaurantee these for Christmas!