Information Only- Printed and embroidered badges


We supply a range of printed and embroidered badges, along with metal pin badges too! The options available for these are set out below.  


This is the more traditional badge option.  We tend to supply to customers who are looking for something one off or unique, so smaller numbers.  We can also supply large numbers if required.  We offer embroidered badges with the following options:

Single or up to 100 items:

These are made in house, with a satin stitched edge rather than the traditional overlocked edge.  For you this means that the edge doesn't look as clean and is more likely to fray.  We can supply these with iron on backing or sew on.    Cost is based on 6 colours and the badge size and amount.  These will usually be between £2.75-£5 per badge for something up to 10cm, more for larger badges.  Set up costs on these are from £10,  Waiting time on these can be up to 8 weeks. 

Over 100 items:

These are made abroad in a factory, they have a traditional overlocked or laser cut edge and can come with a normal or iron on backing.  Price for this is based on the percentage coverage of stitching on the badge, the size and the amount of colours in the design.  Quotes for these are all done on an individual basis.  Please email with your design.  Wait can be up to 12 weeks for these.  We are unable to estimate the cost of these without a design and size

Printed badges:

These are a fabulous choice if you are looking for a lower cost small amount of badges and are fast becoming our most popular item!  We buy in blank badges as a varety of shapes (circles, rectangles, squares, hexagons, ovals, hearts and triangles ) in two or three sizes and with different overlock colours, these badges all have a base colour of plain white and then come with a variety of overlock edge colours.  

Shape sizes for each badge are on the listings, however
Circles- 5, 8, 10cm

Squares- 5, 8cm

Rectangles - 5.5by 7.5cm


Hearts- 8cm

Triangles 8cm

We  print your design directly to the badge creating a vibrant design with no colour limit for a low cost, we can even print photos!  The drawback of this method is that in bulk badge production the overlocked edge would usually be added afterwards rather than before, using a specialised machine.  This means that  design can print onto the overlocked area and would then be cut off.  We walk a fine line between not pushing a bleed too far, and trying to make sure there are very little white edges on the badge, a good way to hide this is to is to either use a dark colour overlock against dark backgrounds, or a white overlock, as this way you will be less likely to see any overprint, or with white any under print.  It is also almost impossible to line this totally centrally, normally on bulk runs the badges would be made and then overlocked, lining the design up- we do this afterwards, so, whilst we make these as central as possible they may not always be completely central.  

We can also supply printed badges in custom made sizes/shapes and edging, however this would only apply for large orders and price would vary on this.  

I'm ready to go ahead!  How do we sort a design?

For printed only!  

1- send us a hand drawing.  We can create a design from this, costs are usually from £10 one off set up fees to digitally rework the design

2- Send us a drawing that you want directly printed (your drawing, no changes!) no set up costs.  We would need this ideally scanned, or a photo taken directly above the image, flat, in good bright daylight. 

3- send us the images you are using (depending on the images a set up cost of £10 + may apply)

4- send us your fully created, ready to print badge.  

A graphic provided to us would need to be:

- A high resolution image, so that when it is printed it doesnt look blurry. 

- In a graphic format- .PNG, EPS etc  we dont mind which as long as its hi-res!

-Not a word/publisher document- these usually rearrange themselves and are not suitable graphic images.  

The pricing for these badges is:

1-10 Items £2.50 each.

10-50 £1.75 each

51-100-£1.65 each

5cm badges are £1.50 each

Can you design my badge?

We can certainly help to design your badge however we are not a graphic design company, and always recommended if you have really specific requirements you contact a graphic designer.  We are always happy to see if we can work with what you have, if you let us know your design requirements and will let you know if we think its beyond our capabilities!

Our design costs start from £10 depending on the images we need to use and the time it will take to set this up.  For an embroidered badge to go from a hand drawn image to an embroidered design we would expect a design fee of £20 (unless it contains stock images that we already hold in the correct format)  A printed badge this would likely be £10, however this will also depend on the complexity of the image.  We are happy to quote for this if you can send us what you are working with and your requirements!

Can I send you a fully made design?

For printed badges yes, we are more than happy for you to send a complete design,  using the requirements as above.  We would not expect you to have the correct files set up for an embroidered badge, but if you do and the file works we are happy to use these too!  

Do you do woven badges?

Yes- however woven badges are only made in very large quantities due to the machinery used.  We would look at woven badges for around 250+ items.  

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